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Flying Ants in Florida

Although Tampa pest control specialists like Tri-S know the difference, more often than not, the average person easily confuses flying ants for swarming termites. The confusion is understandable, yet there are differences between the two insects. Flying ants and termites may not be identical but they are both referred to as “alates” by entomologists. Alates refers to the adult stage for termites and flying ants. Termites and flying ants both leave their colonies when the temperature is warm and there isn’t much wind; once they’ve received these cues they usually swarm out to mate and start a new colony.

This is when the differences between termites and flying ants begin. Male and female termites shed their wings and pair up when they find a suitable mate; together they will find a damp piece of wood or soil and build their new colony. With flying ants, the male dies after the female is inseminated and the female searches for a new colony location on her own.

There are also physical differences between flying ants and termites, although the two look practically identical when they swarm. Flying ants have elbowed antennae, their fore wings are larger than their hind wings and they have a constricted waist. Termites have beaded antennae, their fore and hind wings are the same size and they have a broad waist.

Because the two insects are different species, our Tampa pest control company, Tri-S, has distinct ways of eliminating them from your home. With termites we use various termite control methods like the Exterra system which doesn’t just control termites; it eliminates them, as well as the Termidor termite control system which has been used in at least 2.6 million homes in America.

But with flying ants we would use our FIVE STAR Pest Control system in which we:

  • Build a 5 foot ground barrier, as well as treatments on windows, doors and eaves to keep the flying ants at bay
  • Provide your service without you needing to vacate your home
  • Eliminate the need to repeatedly spray chemicals in your home
  • Focus our treatments to the outside of your house so your children and pets are out of harm’s way

Contact our Tampa pest control specialists today at (813)936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 for a free estimate. We look forward to informing you further about flying ants and eliminating them from your property. Don’t hesitate; the swarming season for flying ants (mid to late spring or summer) and termites (spring) is fast approaching. We offer simply superior service, guaranteed!