About Tri-S Pest Control in Tampa, FL

Tri-S Pest Control company has provided professional pest control services to the Florida areas for over 30 years. Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing superior service to all our awesome customers!

Why Should You Use Our Home Pest Control Program?

  • Our perimeter pest treatments keep insects out of your home!
  • It’s convenient because we can treat your home, even when you’re not home
  • Our pest treatments are mostly outside, which provides a safer home environment for those with kids and pets
  • Chemicals won’t be continuously sprayed into your home
  • We utilize chemical and non-chemical techniques to assure you your home won’t experience another insect infestation

Why We Are Different From Our Competition?

  • We offer you two lines of defense with our home pest control. The first place is a bug barrier around the perimeter of your house. Second, our home pest control treatment consists of placing dust and bait formulations in your kitchen, attic, and bathrooms.
  • Tri-S’s home pest control system will protect your home from pest infestations. Our technicians will service a 5-foot barrier around your home, plus treat windows, doors, eaves, and soffits. The home pest control also includes a free return visit and service if the bugs ever revisit.

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Great job! Very reasonably priced. Friendly and got me right on their schedule for lawn service. I see a huge improvement in my lawn. I would recommend this company. And the offer referral credit on your bill.


We have used all of their services for more than 5 years. Consistent, conscientious, friendly, and good service. Our yard looks great.


When searching for efficient lawn care services, look no further than Tri-S Pest Control. We have 24 years of experience and our professional lawn care service technicians will work hard to assure your lawn and garden are the greenest in your neighborhood.

We have several different lawn care programs to choose from depending on our clients’ specific needs, such as our special “Turf Magic” Program. TURF MAGIC is Superior and Exceeds the quality and care of other lawn spray programs.

Applications are provided monthly, giving our clients frequent care that ensures protection against insects and weeds. Our special blends of fertilization will give the lush green eye appeal of TURF MAGIC to your landscape.

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