We want all of our readers to know how to prevent pests inside of their homes, which is why we love to offer pest control tips. Here are some of the pest control tips that we covered for our readers last month:

Why You Should Never Store Firewood Indoors
Storing firewood indoors is a bad idea since pests love to hide in pieces of firewood! If you want to keep firewood handy, make sure to store it outside and only carry it indoors when you need it.

How To Keep Your Outdoor Parties Bug-Free
Hosting an outdoor party that is free of bugs is fairly easy. First, always make sure that your property is clean, and get rid of standing water. If you can, consider screening in your porch, since this can provide you with excellent protection against pests.

Try This Easy Trick To Keep Pests Away From Your Garden
If you’re struggling to keep pests like mice away from your garden, consider installing row covers in your garden, which is great for deterring mice. Learn More Here https://goo.gl/W3tzrq

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