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Why should you contact Tri-S Pest Control?

Tampa is a beautiful place to call home. With historic neighborhoods, old-Florida charm, thriving downtowns, an array of natural beauty, and proximity to the world’s best beaches, the area is the envy of the millions of tourists who visit here each year. However, even paradise has its dark side. The year-round warm weather is perfect for mosquitoes. Rats, mice, and possums thrive in the port areas and in the booming downtown areas, with plenty of alleys and trash cans to snack from. Historic houses and buildings offer termites an easy meal, and soil that never freezes plays host to critters that will feast on your lawn. Fortunately, Tri-S Pest Control knows the Tampa region well. With more than three decades of serving Tampa, Ybor City, Seminole Heights, Riverview, Ruskin, and the surrounding areas, we know how to keep the critters out of your home and off your lawn.

Pest Extermination and Prevention in Tampa Bay

Many homes in the Tampa area are close to the water. This brings with it a natural beauty uncommon in most places. Egrets, cranes, and manatees are part of the day-to-day charm of life in Tampa. But unfortunately, so are their less-endearing animal comrades. Rats, mice, and possums are not uncommon, particularly in areas near the water. It is not uncommon for Tampa residents to see rodent droppings in their kitchen or garage.

The unpleasant rule of thumb for rodents is that for everyone you see, there are 10 you do not see, so if you encounter a rodent don’t hesitate to call us. Tri-S Pest Control Exterminating Service has devised an effective rodent pest control system to exterminate an infestation and prevent the animals from returning.

Mosquitoes Prevention Programs 

Being almost completely surrounded by water, the state of Florida is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Tampa has an abundance of oak trees with Spanish moss shading its yards and streets. With daily afternoon rain showers, standing water is not uncommon. The shade and water combine to create the perfect environment for mosquitoes to thrive.  Tri-S Pest Control has methods of mosquito control that can be utilized to eliminate the infestation before it becomes an issue.

Suggestions of Historical Tampa Areas to consider Tri-S Pest Control’s services:

Nearly 400,000 people make Tampa their home, creating tons of waste that cockroaches love to feast on. Many of these homes are in historic areas throughout Downtown Tampa and the Channel District. The old buildings in Ybor City, West Tampa, Hyde Park, Seminole Heights, and Tampa Heights all attract drywood termites. Florida’s species of termites thrive in these environments, but by utilizing Tri-S Pest Control’s Termite Treatment system, you will never have to worry about termites or cockroaches coming back again.

Your Tampa Bay Area Lawn Care Experts

Not only do we devise a plan of attack for the rodents and pests infiltrating your house, but we can also help you with the ones in your lawn and garden. Fire ants, chinch bugs, tropical sod webworms, weeds, and other pests can turn your golf-course green yard into a dull, brown mess. We have treatments for these nuisances that will ensure all your hard work of lawn maintenance isn’t thwarted by an insect or weed infestation.

We can also help your lawn and landscaping cope with Florida’s sometimes harsh climate. Seasons of drought, rare cold snaps, extreme humidity, and the unrelenting summer sun can be a challenge for any homeowner trying to maintain a beautiful lawn, even those with the greenest of thumbs.

Hydretain Moisture Manager is one of Tri-S Pest Control’s many lawn beautification services which allows you to enjoy a healthy, green garden even during persistent drought conditions.

Hurricane season can bring on a whole new set of challenges for Tampa Bay homeowners and most of the central Florida area. Hurricane season starts June 1s and doesn’t end until November 30. During this time, fire ants are very active due to the hot and humid weather, and will try to recover from a tropical storm as soon as possible. 

Flooding in Tampa Neighborhoods

During Florida’s rainiest months of May through October, flooding is prevalent in Tampa’s older communities, many of which were built in the early 20th century and do not have the drainage capacity for the number of residents who now call Tampa home.

Flood conditions cause pests to look for higher, drier ground, and can increase the amount of bugs in your home or business. An increase in ants, roaches, and spiders are also common in the Tampa region during the rainy season. Once the bugs take shelter in your home, usually a professional exterminator treatment is needed. Tri-S has many treatment options for each type of pest to ensure your home to be as safe and disease-free as possible for you and your family.

Call Tri-S today for a free estimate and to schedule a meeting with one of our technicians who can begin developing a plan of attack to keep your home, lawn, and business critter-free.  Call us today at (813) 936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 for a free estimate for Tampa pest control and more.