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Located on Florida’s west coast, Hillsborough is the fourth largest county in the Sunshine State. This area is home to Tampa’s thriving downtown, miles of waterfront along Tampa Bay, Busch Gardens, and 80,000 acres of natural preserves perfect for hiking, boating, camping, and even horseback riding. Hillsborough County has a rich and diverse culture that is rooted in an old Cuban heritage.

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Living in Florida means being surrounded by water constantly. This is great during the cool and less humid months, but the water can draw pests and insects into your home and garden during the wet months. Hillsborough County itself is home to nearly 40 different species of mosquitoes.

Our experts at Tri-S are highly trained professionals who know exactly what treatment and prevention program is right for you. To help prevent future mosquito breeding, check these areas of your home as you prepare for Florida’s rainiest and most humid months:

  • Boats – Cover with a tarp
  • Low Areas
  • Rain Gutters
  • Trash Bin

You will want to keep gutters clear of leaves and debris and limit your lawn watering in areas where water does not have sufficient drainage. Exposed waste is a magnet for insects of all varieties, so trash should always remain bagged and covered.

South Tampa, South Brandon, Northern Riverview, and Seminole Heights are all areas of Hillsborough County where residents may experience more mosquitoes around their homes and businesses. The prime times of the day you will experience mosquitoes are dawn and dusk. We can help you enjoy summer evenings without a constant swarm of bugs biting you.

Go Greener

Imagine stepping into your backyard full of luscious green grass instead of dirt that gets into your sandals. Your yard should be a place where your kids can play, and your dogs can roll around and not get muddy.

Unfortunately, there are a host of pests who want to enjoy your lawn as much as you do. Chinch bugs can be a quiet but destructive force, creating streaks of dead and brown grass. All those hours of mowing and trimming are for naught if you do not treat for these tiny creatures.

Chinch bugs especially love St. Augustine grass sodded over a sandy and dry foundation — you are almost guaranteed a Chinch Bug infestation if this describes your yard, and thousands of Hillsborough residents live in homes susceptible to an attack from these tiny and destructive creatures.  

Don’t leave your lawn susceptible to an infestation. Our experts can inspect and then treat your grass with our Magic Lawn Care Services.

Tri-S also provides other pest services for Palmetto Bugs, Bed Bugs, and Termites which are all common in the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today for an evaluation and estimate of what pest and lawn services will work best for your situation.