Controlling Sod Webworms

Tropical sod webworms can cause serious damage to your home or business’s lawn. Although measuring just ¾ to an inch long, these creatures can eat about 4-square-feet of grass during the 35 days they live as caterpillars. At Tri-S Pest Control Service, we are equipped to handle all household and lawn pests quickly and effectively. That’s because we have provided pest control services throughout Florida since 1984.

Sod webworms begin their life cycle when sod webworm moths drop their eggs into your lawn as they fly overhead. Within 10 days, the caterpillars hatch and begin feasting on your lawn until they turn into moths and begin the process again. In Florida’s warm climate, it is possible for three generations of sod webworms hatch during the months of May, July and September.

At Tri-S Pest Control, we have lawn services to eliminate sod webworms and prevent them from returning. These programs are:

  • Lawn Beautification Program—this program properly nourishes your grass at the right times of the year, which helps your lawn to build resistance against turf damaging pests and weeds.
  • Premium Lawn Program—this service is for those seeking a golf course quality lawn. It includes fertilizers at 75 percent slow release. It also features insecticide treatments, fungicide treatments, weed applications, and granular and liquid formulations to combat damaging insects, turf diseases, and weeds.

Contact Tri-S Pest Control today at (813)936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 for a free estimate. We have proven methods to keep the sod webworms out of your lawn, guaranteed! We offer simply superior service.

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