Proudly Serving Pasco County

Pasco is located just 30 miles north of Tampa and about 50 miles west of Orlando, so residents, business owners, and tourists are able to enjoy all that Central Florida has to offer.

This area of Florida offers a wide variety of recreational parks where biking, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, and boating are common interests. Pasco features the best of what Florida has to offer – miles of beaches along the coast. Anclote Key, a combination of four islands in one, is a popular beach location.

The interior of Pasco County has plenty of ‘Old Florida’ charm, with small towns and rural communities. Visitors to Pasco often visit the western portion of the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve, chock full of gators, exotic birds, and the headwaters of four major rivers.  

Very happy with Tri S. All of their techs are super knowledgeable and friendly. I have been using their pest control, lawn service and mosquito control for years. My grass is super green and my house is bug free. I highly recommend them!


Tri-S Pest Control is an honest and trustworthy company that has been serving Pasco residents for more than 24 years. We provide guaranteed quality and superior customer service to every customer. Pasco County customers are no exception, and due to the recent boom in new housing developments in these areas, pest and lawn services are needed now more than ever.

Sleep Soundly With Tri-S Services

Bed Bugs are unfortunately a common pest in many areas of Pasco County. Luckily Tri-S has excellent options to eliminate these nasty bugs. If you see any signs of these insects, call us for an inspection, and our professional technicians can work with you to decide the best treatment option for your home.

Protect Yourself From Zika in Pasco County

The Zika Virus is a serious illness that begins with a simple mosquito bite. Due to Pasco County’s wide variety of outdoor activities and nature preserves, mosquitoes are the most popular pest in this area. Controlling these bugs before they lay more eggs and spread is crucial. July is Pasco County’s wettest month, so be watchful of standing water during this time. This attracts mosquitoes like wildfire!

We can each do our part in controlling mosquitoes around our homes, and the most effective way to do this is to hire a professional pest control company. At Tri-S, we have a proven treatment to lessen the mosquito frenzy around your home or business. We have helped hundreds of people stop itching and enjoy the outdoors, even during peak mosquito season.  

Pasco County Lawn Care

Tri-S will help you take the necessary steps to protect your lawn and garden before pests and droughts destroy it. Chinch Bugs and Tropical sod webworms can cause serious damage to your home or business’s lawn. These creatures can ruin a lawn within days. Our proven methods will eliminate these pesky insects as well as prevent them from returning next season. We also can get rid of roaches, flies, and spiders.

Allergic reactions to red fire ants and these other lawn and garden pests could be harmful to you, and your pets. Call us today to start creating a safer environment for your family and business!