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Clearwater Florida Tri-S Pest Control Experts

TRI-S brings you simply superior service in Clearwater as one of the most honest and trustworthy exterminators in the Sunshine State. Having provided more than 30 years of pest and termite control and professional lawn care to Downtown Clearwater, Belleair, Largo, Safety Harbor and the beaches, we take pride in our efficiency and reliability.

I was tired of being let down by other pest control companies out there, TRI-S surpassed my expectations by their quality and customer service! I would highly recommend them to all of my friends.


Serving the #1 Beach Area in the Country

Clearwater is not only home to beautiful beaches and sparkling hotels, but a wide range of homes and businesses. TRI-S helps home and business owners maintain their properties to  keep up with Clearwater’s growing population and reputation as one of the country’s top travel destinations. Whether it be ridding your home of unwanted varmints or treating the unseen parasites that can kill a lawn, TRI-S Pest control can make your life easier.

Lawn Care

Tri-S saves you time by taking care of your yard during the week so you can enjoy Clearwater Beach on the weekend. Are your plants chewed up and dead? Is your garden dried up and brown? Tri-S has the training and expertise to transform your struggling shrubs and garden into a tropical paradise and eliminate pesky chinch bugs and sod webworms. We use a special blend of fertilizer that dissipates unsightly weeds and allows your palm trees, and Florida native plants to thrive.

Pests Near Your Beach House

Many mice, rats and squirrels call Clearwater home. The warm, wet climate make Clearwater a perfect haven for these pests. June is typically the rainiest month for Florida and can cause a chain reaction for pests and rodents to begin making their home in yours. Many beach-front houses have a crawl space under them, providing rodents with the perfect place to take cover from predators or weather. Your attic is another place where these pests will hide, entering through cracks and holes you never knew your home had. These invaders aren’t just unpleasant — they can be destructive as well. They can chew through important electrical wires and air conditioning duct work.

Rats reproduce quickly. Once one is in your home, it is only a matter of time before you have an infestation. If you see one, assume there are several you do not see, so don’t wait to call TRI-S to take care of your Clearwater home or business! Our technicians are professional rodent exterminator with methods and tools proven to ensure complete protection. The TRI-S Rodent Pest Control method is a proven one to ensure your house to be rat and mouse free in no time.

Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our technicians and a free estimate for how we can help your Clearwater home, lawn and business be pest free.