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Hydretain Moisture Manager

In the hot climate of Florida, there are many challenges to maintaining a beautiful lawn throughout the year. Homeowners and property managers know that keeping the lawn green can be a challenge when it doesn’t rain for days – or even weeks – at a time. Thanks to the lawn beautification programs offered by Tri-S Pest Control Service of Florida residents can enjoy the beauty of a healthy green lawn, even during persistent drought conditions. We utilize Hydretain Moisture Manager, a unique product that attracts and captures excess water molecules, later releasing them into your lawn, giving your trees, shrubs, lawns, and flowers a much-needed injection of moisture.

Hydretain Moisture Manager allows you to:

  • Target dry spots on your lawn caused by low moisture levels
  • Reduce your watering expenses
  • Minimize the long-term damage to your plants and lawn caused by droughts
  • Enhance the efficiency of nutrients for your plants, flowers, and grass, as well as enhance the efficiency of pesticides
  • Encourage the growth of disease-resistant plants by reducing drought stress and root shrinkage

Since Hydretain Moisture Manager begins to break down within 90 days, Tri-S Pest Control Service provides reapplications every three months. Even if you use this moisture control system year-round, there is no need to worry that you’re harming your lawn. Hydretain Moisture Manager is organic and fully biodegradable, making it a safe and healthy solution to drought stress and moisture problems.

Contact Tri-S Pest Control Service today at (813) 936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 to discuss the possibility of restoring your dry, brittle lawn to health with the aid of Hydretain Moisture Manager.

I have been using Tri-s for years doing my lawn service. They always do what they say and let me know when I need to do or add something to make my lawn better! Great job always! Also calling the office and getting a person to answer and then be able to answer my questions is always a plus!!


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