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Turf Magic Lawn Care

TURF MAGIC gives our customers a lawn care program that is Superior and Exceeds the quality and care of other lawn spray programs. Applications are provided on a monthly schedule, which gives our clients frequent care that ensures protection against insects and weeds. Our special blends of fertilization will give the lush green eye appeal of TURF MAGIC to your landscape. Give us a call at (813) 936-5850 for a FREE evaluation and estimate. Let our specially trained technicians show you how TURF MAGIC can make those ugly unsightly weeds disappear and beautiful green grass reappear.

We bring our clients the best in the business with a special program to help give you the healthiest-looking lawn on the block. There is no lawn we can’t magically transform!

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“A beautiful home always has an even more beautiful lawn.”



After years of excellent service I have finally found a dependable company that takes special care of their customers.Their Turf Magic Solution is the best product I’ve ever had on my lawn!