Cockroach Removal in Tampa

In-depth Cockroaches Information; How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

If you have cockroaches in your home, even if you only see one, you need to start making a battle plan, now. The more you allow them to gain control of your home, the harder it will be to eliminate the problem. The truth is, the more diligent you are in learning how to get rid of cockroaches, the better you will protect your home from an invasion.

Have you spotted a cockroach in your home?

cockroach removalIf you have spotted a cockroach in your house, you can be certain there is an infestation. Cockroaches do not like to be seen. They hide during the day and only come out at night to search for food. They can move very quickly. As one of the fastest insects in the world, they are gone in a blink. Roaches seek refuge before you even see them. So, if you have spotted one, it means their numbers are getting out of hand. It’s best to contact a professional pest control service that offers cockroach control and treats the infestation as soon as possible.
If you have spotted an insect, but you’re not sure if it was a cockroach, here is how you can tell. Cockroaches are long, hard-shelled insects with black or amber-colored flat bodies and small heads. Usually, they are about an inch long, but 1-3 inches in length is common. A pair of wings are tucked under its hard shell, but they are hidden and rarely if ever used. One identifying feature is a pair of long antennas that stretch out from its round head. 
There are actually five main types of cockroach species and they each look a little bit different. Outside of the five main varieties is the palmetto bug, a cockroach that lives in the Southeastern coastal areas, with heavy populations in Florida. Cockroach control in Tampa is very familiar with the palmetto which is sometimes called an American cockroach.

What are the five most common cockroach species?

The cockroach is one of the world’s most problematic pests. Here are the five most common cockroaches to look for:
  • The American Cockroach: The American cockroach is often confused with the palmetto bug. As one of the larger species, it can grow three inches in length. It can live up to two years, twice the lifespan of most roaches. It is either dark reddish in color or brown with yellow edges across its shell. 
  • The German Cockroach: You can distinguish them from others by the two dark stripes on their backs and their light brown color. They are also smaller in size than the American cockroach. One German roach can breed up to 30,000 baby roaches in a year.
  • The Oriental Cockroach: Sometimes called a water bug, Oriental cockroaches are winged but can’t fly. It grows to just over an inch in length. You can differentiate an Oriental roach by its dark brown or black color. If it invades your home, the infestation is very difficult to treat, even by professional extermination. 
  • Brown Banded Cockroach: Smaller than an American or Oriental roach, the Brown Banded cockroach grows only half an inch long. They are golden and dark-brown colored, but females have a reddish cast. Males fly but usually leap instead. 
  • Smoky Brown Cockroach: A dark smoky-brown shell distinguishes this roach. It relies on moisture to live. This cockroach is about one and a half inches long. The smoky brown cockroach is known to fly, unlike most roaches. 
Getting rid of pests is never an easy task. Before you struggle to eliminate the bugs, you can ask us, “How do you eliminate cockroaches?” We can come to your home and help you evaluate what you are dealing with and provide you with solution options that will work. Simply contact us and we will help you take back your home.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

If you live in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas, you know that cockroaches are an unfortunate part of life. Many people worry and ask, “Do cockroaches bite?” The truth is, they are omnivores. They eat meat and plants. Therefore, there have been cases where bites have happened. This further increases their nastiness.

They are everywhere and every home or business can become their home. If you want to learn how to get rid of cockroaches, you have to understand what they are after when they come inside. A good starting place is to:

  • Identify. In North America, there are two very common species of cockroach. They include German and American. German cockroaches are typically smaller. In some cases, you may need specific treatment options for a heavier infestation of one type or the other. 
  • Clean. Cleaning is vital to cockroach elimination. You have to consider what cockroaches eat. They prefer sweets, meats, and starches. Their diet may also include hair, books, and other surprising things. If you have a lot of stuff stored in cardboard boxes, they have a place to hide. You may have to remove some clutter. Beyond that, keeping your sink dry, food put away, taking the trash out daily, etc., will also be necessary. If you eliminate their food and water source, they will be less likely to fight to survive in your home. 
  • Seal. Roaches can come in through any crack. They can also make their home in your walls. If you want to stop them from making themselves at home, you must seal up their entry points. 
  • Bait. There are many bait options available for people that want to try to combat cockroaches alone. If you’re worried about spraying your home, baits are a viable option. Prepare yourself, it is not going to be a quick process. To end the problem, you could be dealing with it for months. 
  • Maintain. After you put in the effort to eliminate roaches in your home or business, you will need to stay on top of it. Cockroach control means keeping all breeding/hiding areas away from your home. It extends to keeping garbage cans, leaves, and tall grass away from your home. 

Cockroach DIY vs Professional Help

There is some debate about whether you can get rid of cockroaches yourself or if professional help is best. There are several cockroach “Do It Yourself” options available. If you are curious about, “What is the best home remedy to get rid of roaches?”, Home Depot may have your best solutions. 

Chemicals you can use:

  • Gel
  • Bait
  • Traps
  • Sprays
  • Foggers

More Natural Options:

  • Boric Acid
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Osage Orange Oil
  • Nepetalactone
  • Cineole

If you have tried cleaning and some of the other remedies, you may need to contact a professional exterminator for help. Exterminators can help you trace down where the cockroaches are coming into your home from. They can also use stronger methods to ensure a complete wipeout of these pests. 

How to Kill Cockroaches Instantly?

Direct contact with sprays is the absolute fastest way to get rid of insects. However, this is not always possible since they primarily leave their hiding spots at night while you are sleeping. If you notice that there are bugs roaming during the day, you may have to look at bugs that look like cockroaches (water bugs and June bugs). This does not mean that you have another struggle to take on and there is still hope for anyone who wants to take control of their home away from cockroaches or whatever else may be invading your space. 

If you can locate where they are hiding, boric acid is your best option. Once the cockroach crosses over it, it sticks to their body. This starts a dehydration process and within three days, you will be able to flip on a light switch and not see them scatter.  

Cockroaches are more than a nuisance. They carry harmful bacteria like salmonella, cholera, streptococcus, dysentery, and staphylococcus. If you are in the Tampa area, Tri-S Pest Control is Tampa’s leading pest control solution. We have been ridding pest infestations for over 24 years in the Tampa Bay and Tampa areas. Feel free to contact us today! If you suspect your home has termites, call us today for a free estimate, Tampa: (813) 936-5850, or in the Tampa Bay area call: 1-800-410-5850. We offer simply superior service, guaranteed!