Fly Control in Tampa

Get Rid Of Flies in Tampa 

Flies are the most common pests, and the reason is they can adapt to any habitat possible. There are many fly species worldwide, and Tampa, FL, has its share. These pesky southern flies irritate homeowners through bites and can transmit diseases. Therefore, property owners need to seek a solution from a professional fly control services in the Tampa Bay Area.


Species of Flies in Tampa

Horse Flies

These large and agile fliers are among the irritating flies in the region. The horse flies are stubborn and have painful bites to humans and animals. The pests are active in summer, especially during the daytime. To control and eliminate them will require the services of a Tampa pest control.

Fruit Flies

The fruit fly is attracted to the kitchen, especially if vegetables and fruits are lying on shelves. They lay eggs in the food that hatch and develop into full-grown flies. A fly control plan is necessary to control their breeding in your home.

Drain Fly

They look like moths with hairy wings, and bodies but they are flies. They thrive in hot and humid regions. They will breed mainly in areas where water accumulates.


Getting Rid Of Flies

People often question and research how to get rid of flies. The solution is to contact fly control services in Tampa. They are knowledgeable about the types of flies and the safest procedures for eliminating them. They will use only the required products allowed in the state, and they know the best season when to prevent the flies from breeding. 
Tri-S Pest Control knows how to get rid of flies in Tampa. The specialists will use effective methods of eliminating flies that provide immediate results. These include treating the areas that have possible infestations like the kitchen, bathroom, and perimeter fences.
If you need to eliminate flies in Tampa, call us today for a free estimate, Tampa: (813) 936-5850,  or in the Tampa Bay area call: 1-800-410-5850. We offer simply superior service, guaranteed!