Non Tent Fumigation Services

Effective Non-Tent Fumigation Services in Tampa

If there is anything more frustrating than discovering your house has been infested with termites, carpenter ants or wood destroying beetles, it’s dealing with the hassle of moving out of the comfort of your home while your house is fumigated. Spending three days away from your St. Petersburg, Tampa or Lakeland home can be inconvenient for you and your loved ones, but we at Tri-S Pest Control Services have the solution for you: non-tent fumigation.

Tri-S provides non-tent fumigation for those interested in a quick and easy resolution to a pesky problem. The Bora-Care non-tent fumigation treatment is safer than conventional tent fumigating since there have been no documented fatalities. Tent fumigation is also inferior because it won’t kill 100 percent of the termites and provides poor results caused by torn and old tents, as well as improper ground sealing.

With our non-tent fumigation, we come in, and in one day inject the chemicals into the wall. You and your family can remain in your Florida home, worry-free, since the non-tent fumigation chemicals are low in toxicity. The Bora-Care non-tent fumigation product has an additive called glycol which penetrates a 2 X 4 piece of lumber within six to eight weeks. The product gets to the termites that are imbedded deep into the wood and also helps prevent future infestation in your home, whether it’s in Pasco, Manatee or Polk County.

Non-tent fumigation is mess free and stress-free since it doesn’t harm or kill plants near your home like tent fumigation can. Non-tent fumigation—which is perfect for homes in Tampa, Clearwater and Lakeland—also prevents permanent stains and discoloration on tile floors and screened enclosures.

Tri-S Pest Control hires expert technicians to handle your termite or carpenter ant infestations. All of our work is guaranteed! If you’re interested in non-tent fumigation, call us today for a free estimate at (813)936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 .