Pest Tube Systems Tampa

In Wall Pest Tube Systems for Pest Control

Tampa Pest Tube InstallationTri-S Pest Control has an exclusive wall system to help you free your home of bugs. Our pest tube in wall system utilizes polyethylene tubing, which contains spaced holes that allow the chemicals to seep through. The pest tube system is placed through the exterior and interior walls of the home or building, and works well whether the structure is in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota or nearby Tampa Bay counties. Most of the interior pest tube system is placed around plumbing or “wet areas” since insects tend to gather in moist places.

Tri-S believes every new home should have a pest tube system installed because:

  • It targets the areas where the pests live
  • Environmentally friendly since it maximizes the minimum amount of materials
  • Pest control service can be done without you being home
  • Can be installed while your new home is built

We currently service more than 600 customers with a pest tube system in their home. This pest tube system was designed to complement our Five Star Pest Control Program, which arranges for our highly trained technicians to perform an extensive treatment around homes from Land ‘O Lakes to Clearwater Beach. We will treat a 5-foot ground barrier, plus your windows, doors, eaves and soffits as well as inject chemicals into the pest tube system. Our technicians will return to treat the area if, for any reason, the bugs reappear in your home.

Tri-S is proud to offer you this exclusive pest tube system to target the bugs where they live—behind your walls. We guarantee success on all our work!

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