Spider Prevention and Elimination in Tampa, FL

spider control Home is where you feel safe and comfortable, but it’s disturbing when you learn there is a pest infestation. Pests in a home damage property by biting and spreading diseases to the occupants. In Tampa, FL, spiders are right in your home; floorboards, couches, closets, and other places where they hide and hunt their prey.
To keep your home free from scurrying spiders, you will require Tri-S Pest Control Services who are experts in pest control. The Tampa pest control, know the spiders found in Florida, and how to eliminate them in your home.

Types of Spiders in Tampa

Brown Recluse

The spider is among the venomous types, and its bite will require medical attention. Brown recluse venom causes allergic reactions, especially in children, and the elderly. They hide in dark, dry, and warm areas which include closets, boxes, basement, and attic.

Jumping Spiders

These spiders are common outdoors creatures but will move into your home when hunting. They can jump on prey and bite people when cornered. They lurk under floorboards, bookshelves, bed covers, etc.

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders live in solitude and do not spin a web. When it gets colder outside, they move into your home in search of warmth and prey. You will see them in basements, garages, and other warm home surroundings.


Spider Prevention

A spider will avoid contact with people but will bite when cornered.  If you feel overwhelmed look for a spider pest control professional near you.
  • Therefore, you will need to inspect every possible area they will hide; clothes, shoes, boxes, etc.
  • Also, ensure your homes have the proper insulation in areas that include doors, windows, basements, and lofts.
  • Clean your home to keep away the flies that attract spiders, mainly in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage.
  • Cover all open and gaping crevices on the floorboards, couch bottoms, and walls.
Do you want to feel safe in your home without the fear of spiders?  At Tri- S Pest Control, we are a Tampa pest control who will eliminate and prevent pests, and we guarantee you success in your home. Feel free to contact us today! If you suspect your home has spiders, call us today for a free estimate, Tampa: (813) 936-5850, or in the Tampa Bay area call: 1-800-410-5850. We offer simply superior service, guaranteed!