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Subterranean Termite Swarms

Drywood, dampwood, and subterranean termites are the three types of termites that have affected Florida homes for years. Although drywood and dampwood termites cause significant damage, a subterranean termite infestation is considered the most damaging and prevalent invasion of the three. The peak time for a subterranean termite swarm to appear is from January through May in Florida, and when it appears, immediate action should be taken. We at Tri-S Pest Control specialize in removing subterranean termite infestations from your home in Clearwater, Largo, throughout Tampa Bay, Florida, and beyond, as well as preventing them from reappearing.

The subterranean termite is a social insect that lives in colonies made up of workers, soldiers, and reproducers. These pests nest in the soil, but they can reach wood structures by building tubes that connect to their subterranean termite nest. The subterranean termite feeds off of wood or items like paper or fiberboard that contain cellulose, which they can convert into food by using the protozoa in their digestive tracts. Extensive damage is common with subterranean termite since they are usually unnoticed. When a termite swarm appears, wings are often left behind; these wings serve as a sign of possible infestation.

Tri-S has various methods to remove a subterranean termite colony from your home before more extensive damage is caused:

  • The Exterra System this termite pest control eliminates the colony with stations that are monitored on a quarterly basis. These stations don’t contain liquid poison; termites consume the bait, which is a molt inhibitor, and take it back to their colony.
  • Termidor has a 10-year proven history of controlling subterranean termite colonies. This treatment is a leading non-repellant since it cannot be detected by termites. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the Exterra system.
  • Premise like Termidor, Premise can be used alone or in conjunction with Exterra. It is also a non-repellant treatment that has a 9-year documented history of controlling subterranean termites.
  • Bora-Care can be applied without anyone having to vacate the building. This treatment contains Glycol, which works by penetrating the wood and therefore killing current infestations while preventing future ones. The treatment is injected into the structure’s walls with a needle. Bora-Care has been used for up to 25 years.

Termites do more than $700 million worth of damage to consumers in Florida every year; don’t be part of that statistic. Contact our professionals at Tri-S Pest Control today at (813) 936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 for a free estimate. We offer simply superior service, guaranteed!

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I spotted some termites when I was cleaning some old mulch out of my yard. I snapped a few pictures of the termites and sent them over to Tri-S pest control. Ben was able to come by my house and diagnosis the critters as subterranean termites. The same day he provided a quote and had the preventative treatment completed in less than a week. I am very thankful that they performed the preventative treatment so that my wife and I did not have to tent the house.