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Free Termite InspectionsTri-S Termite & Pest Control has been providing  Termite Treatments for over 25yrs. Our pest inspections by our highly trained termite inspection technicians is second to none in Florida. If you need a Home Termite Inspection or Termite Treatment call us today for our Free Termite Inspection, In Tampa (813)936-5850 or in the surrounding Tampa Bay area 1-800-410-5850.

When springtime rolls around in Florida, residents can expect the termite swarms to make their yearly appearance. Tri-S Pest Control Service has more than 25 years of experience in combating Drywood, dampwood and subterranean termites. We have made it our goal to not only provide you with the best termite treatment and termite control services, but eliminate your problem whether you live in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, or in Hernando, Polk or Pasco counties.

Tri-S has various applications to provide your home with termite control, such as:

The Exterra System:

  • Not only provides termite control but eliminates termite colonies
  • This interception and baiting system has its stations monitored on a quarterly basis. Reports show results.
  • Does not use liquid poison, which is environment-friendly. Instead, it contains a molt inhibitor that is consumed by the worker termites and fed to the rest of the colony.

Termite infested woodTermidor Termite Control:

  • Has treated 2.6 million American homes
  • Perfect for homeowners on a budget
  • Low-dose treatment that leaves no odor


  • Treatment is less invasive since rods are used
  • Is a nonrepellent termite control treatment

Bora Care:

  • Safer since it has no documented fatalities
  • Can be applied in the home without homeowners vacating
  • Is injected into the walls with a needle
  • Protects wood for up to 25 years

Termite colony infestationOur experienced technicians are “cross-trained,” meaning they are not only experts in pest control but also termite control. When Tri-S technicians visit your Tampa home or St. Petersburg beach house for regular pest control, they’re also trained to look for potential termite problems. This type of termite control is preventative since the immediate detection can minimize the damage and lessen the cost of the treatment. Our technicians can also suggest ways for the homeowner to prevent future infestation.

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I am often home when they treat my property and I see the techs are always extremely diligent and accurate. They are 100% reliable about their work schedule. If you have a question or issue, there are the most responsible office people whom we also know by name. I have even emailed photos of bugs for identification and they are always promptly responsive. We have referred many clients to them simply because they see our beautiful lawn and ask! I wish everybody in our community used this wonderful company with fabulous service!