At Tri-S Pest Control, we strive to provide all of our customers with superior protection against several common pests, and we also strive to provide superior service, which is why we love reading excellent reviews from our customers! Here is one recent review:

“I have been using Tri S for years. They are amazing. Their staff and technicians are very friendly and knowledgeable. We use their pest control, lawn service, and mosquito control. They are very professional and we are bug-free!”

If you’re experiencing a pest infestation in your home or business, then call us today! Our Five Star Pest Control program can provide your home or business with exceptional protection. With this program, you won’t have to worry about any pests since we utilize two lines of defense to keep them out. This program is also convenient since you don’t have to be at your home or business for us to apply it!

We also offer other great services like termite control, lawn care, and garden pest control to provide you with complete protection all year long. If you’re interested in learning more about all of our services, then call 1-800-410-5850 to receive a free estimate from one of our professional technicians!

The Tampa Bay area is a beautiful place to live, but if you have a pest infestation, this can wreak havoc on your home! If you’re looking for superior pest control services in the Tampa Bay area, then look no further than Tri-S Pest Control!

At Tri-S Pest Control, our exclusive Five Star Pest Control service can provide you with the protection that you need to keep your home free of pests. This service is convenient since we can apply this system without you being home. You also won’t have to worry about the safety of your family and pets since we concentrate our treatments on the outside of your property.

We also offer lawn care services and our Turf Magic Lawn Care program offers a special blend of fertilization that will help to keep your lawn beautiful, and it will also help to keep unsightly pests and weeds away. This program is applied to your lawn monthly, which will give you the full protection that you need for your lawn.

If you would like to learn more about all of the available services offered at Tri-S Pest Control, then call 1-800-410-5850 today! We offer free estimates for all of our customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!