Mice may look cute when you see them, but having a rodent infestation in your home can be very frustrating. Since it is crucial to keep rodents away from your home, here are some tips from Good Housekeeping to protect your home.

First, you should always be proactive and look for potential entryways that could allow rodents to enter your home. Potential entryways for rodents include holes in baseboards, cracks in doors, and overgrown shrubs in your yard. Make sure that these areas are in good shape!

Since rodents are also attracted to food, always make sure that you use air-tight containers to store your food. Many homeowners may forget about dog or cat food, so make sure that they are also in containers, since rodents still may try to eat it! Learn more here! https://goo.gl/uSiJKo

You’ve probably seen several photos online of cute fireplaces with firewood stored next to them, but did you know that storing firewood inside could lead to a bigger problem?

One important thing to know about firewood is that pests love to hide inside of firewood. If you store firewood inside of your home, then you’re inviting pests like ants, roaches, and beetles inside of your home!

It is important to know that you should store firewood at least five feet away from the foundation of your home so that there is a safe distance to keep pests away. If you want to protect the firewood that is outside of your home, there are some options for outdoor storage like cabinets, which will keep your firewood dry if there is a rainstorm.

Although you may not be using your fireplace right now, it is important to know how to properly store your firewood so that you can be prepared for the later months! Learn more here! https://goo.gl/7Sxjip

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