Although subterranean termites get all the glory, many people tend to forget about drywood termites. These tiny insects can inflict a world of destruction to your home or business with barely a sign. Drywood termites often leave tiny mounds of fecal pellets underneath the wood they’ve infested. The holes are nearly impossible to see since they are about 1mm in size, and as a security measure, soldier termites plug the holes with their heads to shield the hole from invaders.

Although they tend to be localized, it is very difficult to manage drywood termite infestations. If a colony is spotted soon, the infestation can be treated successfully. However, if that colony has matured and produced alates that have begun their own colony, the infestation will intensify and the number of termites can double and multiply.

At Tri-S Pest Control we use the following treatments to rid drywood termites from your property:

  • Termidor—this leading non-repellant treatment can be used alone. Termidor is perfect for those seeking a cost-effective cure to drywood termites.
  • Bora Care—can be applied to your home or office without you having to vacate. It is injected into your walls with a needle, and will protect your wood for up to 25 years.

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