When you live in Florida, proper lawn maintenance is crucial if you want your grass to stay green. You can water your lawn, use fertilizer, and even spray insecticide, but if you don’t apply them correctly throughout the year, you can do more harm to your lawn than good. At Tri-S Pest Control Services, we’ve been in the lawn and Tampa pest control business since 1984, and in that time we’ve developed full-proof systems to help your lawn stay green throughout the year.

Our lawn maintenance professionals are trained to execute the following programs to perfection so your grass can be the envy of your Tampa, Florida, neighborhood:

Lawn Beautification Program—plain and simple, this lawn maintenance program is designed to properly nourish your grass at the right time of year. This way, your lawn doesn’t receive the right fertilizer at the wrong time of year, and vice versa. Our program also helps your lawn create resistance against turf damaging insects and weeds.

Premium Lawn Program—this is the ideal lawn maintenance program for those seeking a golf course quality lawn. We use quality fertilizers at 75 percent slow release, premium insecticide treatments to control turf damaging insects in your lawn, and first-rate fungicide treatments to help control turf diseases. This lawn maintenance program also helps keep it green with the usage of weed applications, granular and liquid formulations, which control seeds and mature weeds.

All of these lawn maintenance treatments encourage your lawn to flourish beautifully and stay healthy longer.

Contact our lawn maintenance specialists today at (813)936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 for a free estimate, whether you’re in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo, Florida, and beyond. We offer simply superior service, guaranteed!