Getting Rid Of Fire Ants In Florida

At Tri-S Pest Control Service Tampa, we understand that Fire Ants are not welcome on your lawn or in your home. If you’re wondering how to get rid of Florida fire ants, we have the solution. We offer a yearly fire ant control program where we perform a granular application throughout your lawn and flowerbeds. Our staff uses Top Choice, the leading fire ant product on the market today.Fire Ants in Florida

Fire ants are often found nesting in soil, as well as river banks, pond edges, and highway edges. In Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and other parts of Florida, fire ants are commonly found in watered lawns. Recently, the population of fire ants has greatly increased.

Many people in Florida have felt these horrible, painful stings inflicted by fire ants. Although tiny in size, these fierce insects tend to swarm on unsuspecting people. They also pack a powerful punch with their sting, which injects toxic alkaloid venom into a human, causing them to experience the sensation of being burned by fire, hence the name fire ants.

Top Choice Pest Control:

  • Is a slow acting insecticide, which means it doesn’t have an immediate effect, but lasts longer
  • Uses an ant’s social life to do its work since the ants themselves work to spread the insecticide they’ve touched with ants from their colony
  • Kills fire ants as well as fleas, ticks, and mole crickets
  • Controls fire ants for up to one year

Although small, these ants can be a menace, inflict painful stings, and possibly even kill a human if they’re severely sensitive to their venom.

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