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For nature lovers in Florida, pest control is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your piece of nature – your yard and home – looking beautiful. Avid gardeners throughout the state may relish the warm weather year-round, but they certainly do not relish the diverse insect and pest population that destroys plants and crops, making it difficult to maintain the work you have put into your garden. Similarly, if you are a business owner with a pest problem on your property lawn, you will turn existing customers and prospective clients off by having a lawn that looks poorly cared for. Chinch bugs are a widespread problem in the area, and they add to the degradation of lawns and properties across the state. Tri-S Pest Control Service has extensive experience working with chinch bugs and eliminating them with our efficient pest control services.

Small and barely perceptible but for the damage they cause, chinch bugs are one-fifth of an inch long and they spread from lawn to lawn easily because they have wings. Female chinch bugs lay up to 500 eggs, making their breeding extremely effective since there are 2 to 4 generations every year. Chinch bugs attain their nutrients by sucking life-giving plant juices out of the grass. As it feeds on the juices, it also releases a toxin, which causes yellow and brown patches to develop in the grass. The grass appears dead and uncared for when in reality it has been stripped and poisoned by the destructive chinch bugs.

To ensure that your lawn is the healthiest it can be, Tri-S Pest Control Service offers the following in order to remove chinch bugs permanently:

  • Lawn Beautification Program: Designed to properly nourish your lawn at the right times of the year, this program leads your grass to form a resistance against turf damaging insects, weeds, and fungus. We hire only the most experienced and professional lawn care service technicians to take care of your grass. They are specially trained to apply the correct amount of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to assure your lawn will stay healthy and green throughout the year.
  • Premium Lawn Program: This lawn care service program applies to those who desire a golf course quality lawn. Like the lawn beautification program, our premium plan includes insecticide, fungicide and weed treatments. But we also use quality fertilizers at 75 percent slow release.

Tri-S Pest Control Service is proud to provide outstanding service to its customers throughout the Central Florida areas. We have seen first-hand the damage that chinch bugs can do to a home or business property, so we want to be the pest control company that remediates your pest issues permanently.

Contact us today at (813)936-5850 or 1-800-410-5850 for a free estimate and to learn more about our company and our methods for eliminating chinch bugs from your home or business property.

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Tri-S is a family owned company that truly cares about serving their customers. Every single time I have a bug issue, Tri-S is quickly there to help. They are professional and truly care about their business. I highly recommend their company for their service and support.