Each year termites cost consumers $700 million in damages and control in the state of Florida. When the swarms of subterranean termites appear from January through May, homeowners and business owners in Tampa Bay, Florida begin to hope their termite control system will stand up to the tiny, destructive pests. For those homeowners and business owners who don’t have termite control, finding a trustworthy, professional and effective termite inspection and control company is of the utmost importance.

There are several factors you should consider before choosing the right termite control company:

  • Relax. Breathe. Don’t Panic.—you’ve discovered your home may be infested with the wood-eating winged insects, and you think you need termite control now! Although it is important to have your home inspected and evaluated, you should not rush into a contract with a termite control company you don’t trust. Termites work slowly, so your building won’t collapse overnight. It is better to take a little time than to regret working with a disreputable company.
  • Take action—do your homework and contact several reliable termite control companies in your area. Have a thorough termite control inspection performed and look for companies that will provide you with a written report detailing inspected areas, areas of damage and areas of active and inactive infestation. The report should also state what termite control treatments will be needed as well as a diagram of infestation locations. Get a set price.
  • Understand the different treatment methods—there are pest tubes, soil treatments, wall injectable solutions, and so forth. Know what termite control treatments will work best for your particular infestation and property.
  • Be aware of shady companies—be wary of any company offering to use leftover chemicals from their last job at a reduced price to you; have no telephone number; go door to door looking for elderly clients; claim to have their own termite control solution since all termiticides need to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

When searching for a professional and hardworking Tampa termite inspection and control company, look no further than Tri-S Pest Control Services, Inc.

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