Few pests are more destructive than subterranean termites. In fact, subterranean termites cause more damage to homes than windstorms and fires combined. If your home suffers from a subterranean termite infestation, you should contact Tri-S Pest Control for professional subterranean termite treatments and eradication services

Tri-S Pest Control is one of Tampa Bay, FL’s leading pest control companies. We specialize in eradicating unwanted rodents and insects from Tampa Bay homes so you can enjoy a pest-free residence for years to come. If you discover an eastern subterranean termite colony on your Tampa Bay property, contact Tri-S Pest Control for swift and efficient pest extermination.

What Is an Eastern Subterranean Termite?

Eastern subterranean termites are invasive pests and one of the most destructive ground termite species. Subterranean termite colonies typically form in moist soil close to wood and metal. The termites feast on these elements, causing significant structural damage to your home. 

Termite damage is very serious and requires immediate attention. If left unaddressed, it can put your home at risk and even cause it to collapse in severe cases.

What Do Subterranean Termites Look Like?

Subterranean termites are white or dark brown insects with long narrow bodies. They typically grow to 1/8 of an inch and have six legs and a set of antennas. These termites reside in nearly every US state and pose a substantial threat to homes and businesses nationwide.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Chemical Remedies

Using chemical treatments and deterrents are some of the best ways to combat subterranean termite infestations. Spraying a high-quality termiticide onto wood and other vulnerable areas will prevent termites from invading your property. You can also create a chemical barrier around your home to further your protection.

Bait Traps

Chemical treatments only do so much if your home experiences a severe subterranean termite infestation. However, bait traps get to the source of the infestation by targeting the entire colony. Bait traps release slow-acting insecticides that termites bring back to their colony, spreading the chemicals to the rest of the population. 

Place a piece of untreated wood inside your traps and set them around your home’s perimeter. Give the traps time to work their magic and check their status every month. If the traps function correctly, they should deplete your termite activity and eventually eliminate the infestation.


If the treatments above fail, consider fumigating your home. Fumigation will eradicate multiple subterranean termite colonies throughout your residence at one time. A professional pest control service will fumigate your property and make your termite problem a thing of the past.

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