No home garden can be truly immune to insects – in fact, there are creatures that will even benefit your garden if you let them stay! However, there are some bugs that cause more damage than good. Most gardeners choose to turn to at-home methods of keeping pests at bay first before calling for a pest control company. If you’ve ever wondered how to stop pests from eating your plants, check out our tips below for a list of ways to keep bugs out of your vegetable garden. 

1. Attract Beneficial Creatures to Your Garden

It may seem counterintuitive, but attracting more of the right critters – like pollinators, predatory insects, frogs, and birds – can actually help you keep harmful pests out of your garden. Frogs and toads may be the best for this, as they will pay no mind to your fruits and vegetables, will eat insects that come by, and can be easy to attract by simply setting out bowls of water. 

There are some insects, like ladybugs, who will prey on other insects. Plant flowers that those insects are attracted to amongst your fruits and vegetables to lure them to spend more time in your garden.

2. Create Barriers

Try putting a physical barrier around your garden to protect your fruits and vegetables from getting munched on by pests. A floating row cover, for example, is a tarp made of lightweight, spun-bound fabric that rests on top of plants or on wire hoops and prevents bugs and birds from reaching your garden. If slugs and snails are your biggest problem in the garden, try putting down a layer of diatomaceous earth – a dry, powdery organic material that is harmful to slugs and snails and smaller insects but is non-toxic to other wildlife, children, and pets.

3. Change Your Watering Schedule

Moist plants and garden beds can be an ideal oasis for pests such as slugs, snails, and earwigs. If you’re not already, try watering your garden in the morning, so that it has time throughout the day for the sunlight to dry off the vegetation by sundown. Additionally, watering deeply once or twice a week is better for pest control than surface-watering daily. 

Call Professional Pest Control in Tampa, FL Today

If you’ve tried these at-home pest control methods and still struggle with insects and other creatures eating away at your garden, call professionals for help. At Tri-S Pest Control, we use timed application of garden pest control to help plants maintain vigor and color. Our services will also provide plants with nourishment to prevent damage from insects and diseases. If you’re located in the Tampa, Florida area and need help keeping pests out of your garden, call us at 813-694-1446 today.