When you first wake up, the last thing that you want to see is a bug buzzing in your home. While bug sprays that kill pests can keep them from attacking your home, there are also some natural options that can work. Here are some natural and DIY ways to eliminate bugs:

If you’re having trouble with mosquitoes hanging around your property, it may be time to clean your gutters! Mosquitoes love standing water, so cleaning your gutters will do the trick to keep them away.

Wasps are another pest that can be frightening to encounter, but they don’t like fresh herbs like rosemary. Hanging bouquets of rosemary can help to prevent wasp nests, so make sure to keep some fresh herbs handy when you need them.

Houseflies can also be a nuisance, but keeping your trash tightly sealed will help to keep them away. You should also make sure to keep any pet food tightly sealed since this can also attract pests.

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