Is your lawn suffering from unwanted pests or looking patchy and thin? Our Turf Magic fertilization program restores your lawn to a green, lush, healthy oasis. 

Your biggest questions about beginning a lawn maintenance program are likely, “Is getting Turf Magic worth it?” and “What are the benefits of having Turf Magic?”. This post explores the benefits and delves into why investing in your lawn care is definitely worth every penny. 

What Are the Benefits of Turf Magic?

Turf Magic is a lawn fertilizer program that keeps natural grass at its healthiest form. If you’re considering cultivating your property’s lawn, Turf Magic is a beneficial alternative to maintain a green, healthy yard for your home. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Turf Magic to help you make a more informed decision. 

  • Does Turf Magic increase home value? Yes, natural grass on your property can positively impact the value of your home by up to 15%.
  • Is Turf Magic environmentally friendly? Absolutely, natural, well-maintained grass can help purify rain that drains through the root system, assists with air quality, and can help reduce allergens in the yard.
  • Does Turf Magic help with pest control? Yes, professionally maintained grass can reduce the populations of unwanted pests on your property. Additionally, natural lawn grass helps prevent erosion of the soil and cools the air in your yard which contributes to energy usage reductions. Real turf grass certainly has plenty of benefits you will enjoy after investing in the Turf Magic program.
  • Is real grass difficult to maintain? Maintaining a lush and robustly healthy grass on your lawn can be difficult and time-consuming on your own, but you can entrust your yard to professionals for high-quality and hassle-free results. High-quality ferilization sprays will breathe new life into pale and patchy yards.
  • Will professional grass maintenance cost a lot? Compared to the initial investment necessary for artificial turf, a fertilization program is more affordable upfront and only requires a monthly maintenance schedule.
  • Is natural grass as clean as artificial turf? That answer depends on how healthy the root system of your natural lawn is. Thin patches of grass can create bigger patches of mud after rainfall, but healthy lawns will be able to drain the water more efficiently.

While there may be a few drawbacks to maintaining a thick natural lawn, these are far better than the expensive drawbacks of artificial turf installation, which can include excess bacteria, frequent upkeep requirements, and expensive installation costs. Turf Magic allows you to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful lawn without the hassle of artificial turf. 

Is Getting Turf Magic Worth it with Tri-S Pest Control’s Fertilization Program?

Absolutely. Your lawn makes a statement about you and you want to make the best impression possible. Invest in your yard by depending on professionals.

Are you ready to see how Turf Magic can transform your lawn into a beautiful and high-value part of your property? Call Tri-S Pest Control at 813-694-1446 to schedule your free evaluation and estimate for the Turf Magic fertilization program.