A green turf lawn can add a beautiful touch to any home or property, creating a welcoming effect for residents and visitors. With Florida’s plentiful sunlight, it’s possible to keep your lawn green and appealing all year long. However, gardening can be challenging, so if you’re wondering how to take care of turf grass, this article will provide some helpful turf lawn care tips.

If you’re struggling to care for your turf lawn in Tampa, Florida, Tri-S Pest Control can help. With years of experience protecting Florida residents’ homes and yards, our expert team can ensure your entire property is free of pests and our professional lawn care service technicians will work hard to assure your lawn and garden are the greenest in your neighborhood.

How Do You Maintain Real Turf?

Everyone wants a green lawn, but not everyone knows how to accomplish that. Even homeowners with years of gardening experience can struggle to answer questions like “how to take care of your turf lawn with dogs?” Fortunately, the next few steps will cover the critical aspects of turf lawn care to help simplify the process. 


Watering is the most vital step to promoting consistent growth in any plant on your property. Plants rely heavily on water to grow, so your turf yard can quickly turn brown when it becomes dehydrated. If you’re noticing slower growth or reduced lawn health, increasing the amount of water you give the grass should be the first step.


While mowing may seem counter-productive to improving the health of your lawn, it actually plays an integral role in keeping your grass green and healthy. In addition, maintaining a regular mowing schedule can help struggling lawns grow greener and more consistently. 


Although water is an essential thing to provide for your plants, they also need other nutrients. Fertilizers are specially balanced blends of nutrients that can increase the health of your plants and allow them to grow faster and live longer. In addition, using a fertilizer can provide a noticeable boost to the visual appeal of your grass without extensive labor.

How Do I Make My Grass Turf Greener?

If you’ve tried the steps in the section above and are still wondering, “how do I make my grass turf greener?” you may need pest control services. A range of pests can attack the plants on your property, causing damage and ruining aesthetic appeal. Homeowners who struggle to keep their plants healthy can find relief and improve the appearance of their homes by choosing a pest control service. 

How to Take Care of Your Turf Lawn in Florida

For residents of Tampa, Florida, Tri-S Pest Control is proud to provide a simple answer to how to take care of your turf lawn in Florida. Our experts can fertilize your yard while protecting it from pests and teach you how to take care of your turf lawn in spring and throughout the rest of the year. For the best turf lawn care and other pest control services in Tampa, Florida, contact us online or at (813) 694-1446 today.